Okijin Games is 3 year old

Three years ago, I was comfortably sitting at my desk working for an American Brokerage Firm in London. Although the job was fine, I made the decision to pursue a dream and created a small indie game studio: Okijin (the name derives from my korean name 오경진). I have never looked back since.

Okijin Games was born from a passion and made possible by a technology opportunity. Back in 2013, HTML5 would offer an unmatched competitive advantage to enter the highly competitive video game industry, from accelerated development times to unrivalled portability to monetization options.


Today through Okijin, I offer a catalogue of high quality, award winning HTML5 games and have worked with 45 partners worldwide to deliver millions of play sessions to the mobile web. My games have also enjoyed over a million installs on native stores with IP like Zombies Can’t Jump ranking top paid strategy game on the Windows Phone Platform in 15 major countries including the US and China.

I will continue in my effort to bridge the gap between web and native worlds, creating games for players of all age groups and providing monetizable content to web publishers.

If you wish to meet me this month and discuss web distribution opportunities, I will be in San Francisco during Casual Connect with a brand new HTML5 game Sailor Pop – feel free to get in touch.