Sailor Pop

  • Sailor Pop Game
  • Sailor Pop Game
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Aloha! Sailor Pop is our cute new puzzle game featuring the classic block collapse gameplay with an underwater TWIST! Everything goes up, not down! Let's dive into this colorful and tropical world!

Zombies Can't Jump 2

  • Zombies Can't Jump 2 Game
  • Zombies Can't Jump 2 Game
Play Zombies Can't Jump 2 instantly Play Zombies Can't Jump 2 on Google Play Play Zombies Can't Jump 2 on iTunes

Zombies Can't Jump 2 is an original and accessible tower defense game - simple to play yet challenging. The fight for survival continues as the zombies outbreak is spreading in this action-packed sequel!

Zombies Can't Jump

  • Zombies Can't Jump Game
  • Zombies Can't Jump Game
Play Zombies Can't Jump instantly Play Zombies Can't Jump on Google Play Play Zombies Can't Jump on iTunes

Prepare for the cute zombies invasion! Grab your weapons and construction kit! Challenge and fun is awaiting you in this original, nail hammering zombie defense game.

Jelly Slice

  • Jelly Slice Game
  • Jelly Slice Game
Play Jelly Slice instantly Play Jelly Slice on Google Play Play Jelly Slice on iTunes

Jelly Slice is our award-winning brain and puzzle game in which you need to find the best way to slice the jelly to collect the stars. One simple rule: Slice the Jelly so that each slice contains only one star!

Jelly Doods

  • Jelly Doods Game
  • Jelly Doods Game
Play Jelly Doods instantly Play Jelly Doods on Google Play Play Jelly Doods on iTunes

Fun, challenging and easy to learn, Jelly Doods is a colourful and original puzzle game for everyone. There is only one rule to win: Stick the same color jellies together.

Pebble Boy

  • Pebble Boy Game
  • Pebble Boy Game
Play Pebble Boy instantly Play Pebble Boy on Google Play Play Pebble Boy on iTunes

Pebble Boy offers a unique yet familiar match-3 puzzle game mechanic. Throw the pebbles at the cages to free the captive birds and trigger powerful chain-reactions as cages collide on their way up!

Rope Ninja

  • Rope Ninja Game
  • Rope Ninja Game
Play Rope Ninja instantly Play Rope Ninja on Google Play Play Rope Ninja on iTunes

Ninja! Get ready for a challenge in this original skill game where timing and concentration is key to success! Rope Ninja offers fun and endless challenges for players of all age groups.

Aqua Thief

  • Aqua Thief Game
  • Aqua Thief Game
Play Aqua Thief instantly Play Aqua Thief on Google Play Play Aqua Thief on iTunes

In an aquarium filled up with lovely creatures, timing, precision and visual skills will be your key to success! Play through 60 original levels and unlock your Aqua Powers!

Sticky Goo

  • Sticky Goo Game
  • Sticky Goo Game
Play Sticky Goo instantly Play Sticky Goo on Google Play Play Sticky Goo on iTunes

Meet Sticky Goo, a challenging and twisted vertical jumping game that will put your timing and precision skills to the test! It's all about timing! How high can you climb?


  • Ojello Game
  • Ojello Game
Play Ojello instantly Play Ojello on Google Play Play Ojello on iTunes

Welcome to Ojello, an exclusive edition based on our award winning puzzle game Jelly Slice! Progress through 118 levels, no bombs, no optional stars, just logic!

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